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Adidas Campaign:-“Power of Sports”


In a 60 sec film, narrated by South African Rugby Icon, Siya kolisi, known for being the first Black man to be appointed Test captain of the South African rugby team in 129 years. An extravagant campaign film that communicates us about sporting history. To magnify about the true enormity of what sports brings to the world. Sports bring communities together. Montage shots of emotion, dedication and exhilaration through leading global athletes is shown in the ad film.

Sport has the power to change lives is the belief of the campaign and is well delivered by showing the growth of the player, Siya kolisi.  His personal journey of growing up in the impoverished township of Zwide to captaining the national team.  Koilisi stated “Sports might not be the answer right now, but it teaches us that impossible challenges must be faced and overcome”

Florian Alt, Vice President, Brand Communications, Global Brands at Adidas, said, “With the world thrust into the unknown, sport has been the one constant, fuelling people with joy and optimism. We brought our community together with a positive outlook through workouts, and a series that humanizes our sports icons by offering unprecedented access into their hearts and minds.

The Anthem, Adidas has created an immersive Ready for Sport face filter on Instagram because what players and sports lovers are missing are stadiums. In the idea of this the innovation allows consumers to relive the live sport experience virtually, mimicking them inside the stadium and users are able to hear the roar of the crowds once again by closing their eyes. Exclusively for this campaign Adidas has brought together over 3,000 athletes along with artists.


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