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Germin8 report: “Resumption of Sports”


Social listening analysis in India shows that 89% of social media chatter goes around football and cricket followed by hockey, F1 and badminton.According to the report of “Resumption of Sports”,  92% comes from live tweeting when sporting events are on role.

It reveals the presiding sentiments of the viewers and gave an insight into brand association.Keeping the sporting spirit digitally.

ITC’s Engage perfumes, Bharti Airtel, Byju’s, My 11 Circle among others were the official broadcast partners during the ENGvWI test series in India.It is a unique partnership between online education and gaming brands. All these brands coming all together shows the potential future sponsorships sports can get.

Ranjit Nair, chief executive officer and founder, Germin8, said, "Over the years, one of the key reasons that sports events are so relevant to marketers is the passion and enthusiasm of their fans. While this pandemic period gave very few opportunities to marketers for offline engagement with consumers, it has made social media and digital content platforms all the more relevant. With vocal sports fans consuming sports via live streaming apps and engaging in social media, digital channels become all the more important for brands who want to engage with a passionate audience. While this report focuses on sharing a better understanding of how sports fans are using social media, it also highlights how brands need to incorporate innovative strategies for more digital activities and social messaging. The report has also seen a shift in the type of brands that can be potential sports sponsors in the near future."

Two platforms are Star sports and Disney-Hotstar that are most popular while watching sports.

A no. of census has come out with this report.92% of people watched their favourite matches while tweeting about it. Majority of the conversations were about users watching the highlights or the recorded game.Some of the key findings include how sports catches emotions of people and lets people chatter upon social media.


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