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Cadbury Dairy Milk stands against cyberbullying, launches #HeartTheHate campaign again

The food giant Mondelez’s chocolate brand Cadbury Dairy Milk has yet again shown its support against cyberbullying.

They started the campaign #HeartTheHeart back in 2019 on Friendship Day. This year, they have released 20 short videos which depict how people are cyberbullied from being fat-shamed to racial abuse. The videos highlight various kinds of cyberbullying and urge people to post a purple heart emoji when they spot any hints of cyberbullying. These also emphasize the negative impacts of cyberbullying caused on the victim’s psyche.

“Cadbury Dairy Milk, as a brand, believes that if there’s one thing that can shine a beam of light through the cracks in an increasingly divided world – it is generosity. A little bit of generosity can go a long way and, often, it’s the smallest things that have the biggest impact. Cyberbullying is something that affects everyone, especially young people as they feel isolated and depressed when they are exposed to it. The #HeartTheHate campaign builds on a very simple insight that when friends post something as simple as a purple heart in response to the trolls, young people feel less isolated and, hence, the impact of online bullying is reduced. This campaign is another small step to create a big impact towards social issues,” said Anil Vishwanathan, director – marketing (Chocolates), Mondel?z India, about their 2019 campaign.

This campaign by Cadbury Dairy Milk is a good stand against one of the most common modern- day challenges. It aims to trow light on the issue and make people aware of the negative consequences and trauma faced by people.


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