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TV Advertising volume increases to 21% in 2021, says Broadcast Audience Research Council of India report


A research report by the Broadcast Audience Research Council of India (BARC) shows that India records the highest increase in TV advertising volume since the year 2017. The surge in advertising is the most in genres such as movies and music plus youth. The growth percentage of these two genres were 25 and 24 respectively. These were followed by the genres general entertainment channel (GEC) at 21% and news at 18% growth.

There has also been an increase in the number of new entrants in the world of TV advertising specifically from 2020 onwards. These advertisers are mainly from the digital world and e-commerce advertising tops the list amongst the new entrants.

The head of client partnership and revenue function, BARC India, Mr. Aaditya Pathak says,Continuing the momentum built in H2 of 2020, TV ad volumes have had the most promising start with January and February ad volume levels of 2021 being the highest ever in 5 years. A lot of sectors/categories, and key non-FMCG brands, also seem to have increased their presence on TV during this period which augurs well for the medium.

Some of the most advertised brands on television in the year 2020 have been Dettol, Lizol and Harpic. Even the non-FMCG brands have increased their ad spend on TV ad volumes. In India, TV advertising still plays an important role in reaching the homes of millions of people. Specially during and after the lockdown, the stay-at-home audience has increased followed by a rise in TV viewing by them. This has led to brands leveraging more TV advertising for their awareness.


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