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The pressure of Chinese brandsin television over Samsung is increasing day by day for which it is now planning to change strategy and launching products targeting the millennial consumers for increasing the market share in India. This year the portfolio will be revamped and stores will provide new features in products to increase the leads. For 13 years Samsung has been the leader in flat panel television market and now it has launched a new series with a price gap to take over the other online sellers.

Samsung's strengths includeinnovation, technology,institutional sales, channel financing. But itssales teams are late to react,not empowered enough to offer discounts and have a high cost structure.

Also Samsung is continuing the portfolio of non-smart television as a large part of India is still using the old CRT sets and there is no clarity about whether they will change to smart or non-smart models of television. So they want to provide options in all ranges and models. Samsung had shut down the manufacturing plant in Chennai last year and had started importing from Vietnam to avail the FDA's zero tax benefit. There were reports that the company may also start to manufacture some of its models in India.


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