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SBI unveils "Tum Shakti Ho, Tum Saksham Ho", its women’s day campaign

SBI Securities, a leading financial services firm, launches "Tum Shakti Ho, Tum Saksham Ho," an empowering women's day video ad campaign urging women to take control of their financial decisions, including investments.

The video features Sumitra, a dance teacher initially hesitant about financial decisions but embarks on her investment journey with her husband's support, challenging stereotypes.

The campaign motivates women to embrace financial independence, emphasizing their power and capability. It aims to increase women's participation in stock markets, currently at 39%.

Beyond celebration, it empowers women to shape their financial destinies, highlighting qualities like patience and determination, making them adept investors.

Targeting women beyond urban areas, the campaign encourages them to pursue dreams and make independent decisions.

Crafted in-house by the SBI Securities team, the campaign reflects a commitment to women's empowerment and will be launched across social media platforms and YouTube.


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