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Expedia goes for a massive rebrand seeing the critical travel market worldwide

Ever since 2020 saw the world being disrupted by the pandemic, one of the industries majorly affected across the globe has been the travel industry. Now in such a scenario, Expedia, one of the largest global online travel portals took a big leap and had announced Peter Kern as its CEO back then.

It had been a challenging task for Peter Kern to steer through the travel giant in such a volatile market scenario. Nevertheless, his vision had been to see Expedia as the best travel tech platform in the world.

To turn the vision into reality, has rebranded itself as Expedia Group recently. Not only this, being the consumers’ ultimate travel companion is what Expedia has repositioned itself to be from the earlier positioning as a booking and reservations platform. Under Expedia Group there are, Egencia, Trivago, and HomeAway and a few more. The stock market symbol however will remain the same as EXPE.

Last year, Expedia had launched a few products and now post rebranding, they want to make traveling safer and easier via the Expedia app with a living itinerary where they have automatic updates when any travel plans would change, in-app insurance claims handling and even comparing of offers with clear price breakdowns.

The rebranding of Expedia took place just a month after its competitor and it’s parent company Priceline Group rebranded themselves to Booking Holdings.

According to a statement given by Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom, this rebranding has been done “to better reflect the global nature of our business, more clearly articulating who we have become and who we aspire to be. With this clarity and focus, we can now get on with what we do best: bringing the world within reach for travelers and partners across the globe.”

Shiv Singh, SVP and GM of brand at Expedia said, “People are more travel-deprived than ever. It’s made all of us as regular people think harder about how we travel and who helps us travel. That’s why we’re announcing this new chapter. We're no longer just focused on inspiring travel and helping you find the right hotel, airline or rental car,” said “We're emphasizing helping and supporting you at every step of the journey. That’s a pretty fundamental shift for Expedia.”


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