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FMCG giant Marico expands its product portfolio to plant-based foods

One of India’s leading FMCG companies, Marico has extended its portfolio of products by recently launching Saffola Soya Bhurji. It is a high protein snack with zero oil content.

Diversifying its product base is one of its recent strategies of Marico to cater to the health-conscious target audience while delivering high quality food experience through Saffola.

As of now, Saffola has launched its latest product Soya Bhurji in Mumbai, West Bengal and Delhi in the local stores. It is also available across ecommerce platforms.

The plant-based food market in India is seen to boom in the recent years and Marico has also joined the wagon. The innovative product Soya Bhurji is one-of-a-kind launched in Magic Masala flavour having extra protein dose for a quick and healthy snacking need.

The COO of India Business and CEO of new business, Marico, Sanjay Mishra commented,  “Saffola has become a mainstay in the Indian healthy snacking market. In line with its promise of providing healthy products that don’t compromise on taste, we have launched Saffola Soya Bhurji. With plant based protein phenomenon growing rapidly in India and consumers seeking healthy protein rich convenient options, our latest innovation will become a go-to snack for them.”


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