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Alluring retirement’s with HDFC Life


Retirements are not so attractive  part of a person’s life and this has been the narration of Indian families since long. An annuity campaign has been recently launched by the HDFC Life for potential retirees. “Aap bade hoke kya banna chahte ho?”, sets the ads tone. The ad depicts that human potential is way beyond the time he or she takes retirement. Indicating  people that the retirement plans are going to fulfill the dreams. HDFC Life’s annuity product ‘Pension Guaranteed Plan’ shows that after retirement an amount is there for you to fulfill all the dreams that are left behind while fulfilling one’s responsibilities. A guaranteed monthly income is set in this plan for the retired individual.

Collaboration with Wieden & Kennedy had been done for this very campaign.The change is to be brought in the culture and not only in an individual is the big picture of the social campaign. Vishal Subharwal, executive vice president, e-commerce and digital marketing, HDFC Life, said, “Retirement planning is a critical part of every financial plan. Most individuals ignore this activity. This is also because of the fact that retirement seems boring and individuals don’t look forward to it like other phases of their lives”.

In radar is to break the stereotype and make retirement planning aspirational. Campaigns have a different track than most financial communications. To give people an emotional reason for taking this smart decision of investing in their later days.


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