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Spring Marketing Capital has come up with a 360 Degree campaign of Practo’s to provide professional medical help.  Practo provides a digital platform to connect people with their demands of assessing health issues, finding the right doctor, booking diagnostic tests, obtaining medicines, and storing health.

Stepping up in this scenario, Practo has now launched a new digital campaign titled ‘Hello Doctor’ to press people above their doubts and seek professional advice via video call instantly. The campaign points, the course of treatment should be grasped by an expert and no other risk should be taken.

It’s a 10 week Campaign starting this week .It will be released in six films with seven different languages. It will accountably be shown on more than 100 channels on tv and digital media including Facebook,Youtube,  Instagram and Twitter. Spring Marketing Capital has developed the concept of this campaign.Inspired by realistic health conversations between families who are unsure of health problems but still decide self-medication. Which does happen in the Indian community. The short film shows proceedings of these stereotypical phenomena to ultimately spotlighting Practo’s expertise services by online video consulting.

“Hello Doctor” campaign constructed a digital bridge between people and medical professionals to clamp. “The first course of action is the most important part of the healthcare journey and we often make the mistake of deciding that ourselves” - Siddhartha Nihalani, vice president - products, Practo, said.

In the times of covid , regular health concerns are overlooked which should not be done .Timely accesses of medical services to all those concerns can be fulfilled by this digital medical platform. 


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