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Branding experts on Brand India 2.0 Campaign


The Federal Government of India’s campaign is to protrude the allurement of India. As an emerging stop for business in the various fields including service sector, manufacturing, information technology, infrastructure,IT enabled services, etc. The campaign is to promote India as a market for these products and services as well as a destination for investment.

After the Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed on the significance of local manufacturing, asking Indian companies to be ‘vocal’ about ‘local’ before turning global, the whole scenario has changed. Recently 50 Chinese apps were banned in India, now recent media reports state that the Indian foreign ministry is currently busy planning communication strategies involving diplomats promoting India’s interests and points of view on the world stage. The campaigns will be directed towards traditional and new media platforms.

Mixed reviews are surfacing from branding experts after such news. According to Srinivasan, a communications strategy consultant who helped build one of India’s biggest homegrown brands, Flipkart, says,  the need of the hour is ‘stability’ where economic viability and growth take center stage as topics of discussion, debate, and inspiration - and that needs to start from a place of humility and honesty, “without the persistent need to whitewash everything”.

Vadapalli CMO and Business Head of Pepperrfry indicates that more than 90% of products available on Pepperfry are made in India and more than 50% of these are made by small craftsmen and artisans. The company’s latest ad campaign ‘Swadeshi is great’, promotes and celebrates artisans and their creations.

Brand analysts as well as marketing gurus also suspect that understanding  and promoting the Idea, thoughts, opinion of the common people is one of the most important ingredients while promoting India and its brands.


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