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Harpic unveils "Loocator app" to locate public toilets on the go

Harpic, a leading lavatory care brand in India, has introduced the 'Harpic Loocator' app to provide convenient access to public toilets, particularly for women. Accompanying this launch is the '#BeFreeToPee' campaign, addressing the challenges women face due to limited access to clean public toilets. Recent research in Delhi shows 70% of women struggle to find toilets, spending an average of 60 minutes searching. Many women avoid drinking water to avoid using public toilets, risking dehydration and UTIs. The app not only helps locate nearby toilets but also allows users to rate and add facilities, benefiting the community. It features ratings for amenities like water, cleanliness, and lighting. The campaign empowers women to pursue outdoor activities without compromising their lifestyles. Harpic has been involved in initiatives promoting behavioural change in India, including partnerships for toilet access and education and support for sanitation workers through programs like the World Toilet College and Mission Safe Toilets for All.


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