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Laqshya Media Group bags an exclusive advertisement contract from Noida Int’l Airport grants

Noida International Airport (NIA) has awarded Laqshya Media Group an exclusive advertising contract covering placements inside the terminal and on the landside. The contract spans static and digital media, interactive displays, and innovative formats, blending modern and traditional themes to create a cohesive brand environment. This collaboration aims to offer innovative advertising solutions while ensuring a seamless travel experience. Laqshya's expertise in interactive mediums promises engaging advertisements for both international and domestic passengers, strategically placed to capture maximum attention. With advertising rights secured at three major airports, including Noida International Airport, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, and Cochin International Airport, Laqshya continues to optimize brand visibility. Noida International Airport plans to marry Indian culture with Swiss technology, starting with a capacity of 12 million passengers annually, eventually expanding to accommodate up to 70 million passengers per year across four development phases.


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