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Q-commerce players plan to enter into e-commerce

Quick commerce, poised to be the next big thing after e-commerce, is making headlines with Zomato and Zepto venturing into this domain. Zomato's Blinkit and Zepto are expanding into e-commerce, diversifying into categories like fashion, electronics, and home goods, aiming to offer over 10,000 SKUs in the next two months. This strategic move targets frequent purchasers, potentially catapulting these companies into competition with giants like Amazon and Flipkart.

With a subscription-based model, Zepto Pass has garnered 1 million sign-ups, boosting monthly spending by 30%. This aligns with strategies seen in Amazon Prime and Flipkart VIP programs. However, the success of these platforms hinges on various factors including market dynamics, customer behavior, and operational challenges.

While quick commerce presents lucrative opportunities, challenges such as resource allocation and maintaining core business focus persist. Despite expanding into new categories, groceries and FMCG remain key drivers for q-commerce platforms, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a balanced product portfolio.


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