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Amrutanjan Healthcare reinforces focus on health with Electro+

Amrutanjan Healthcare proudly introduces the low sugar variant of Electro+, an electrolyte drink aimed at reinvigorating energy levels and alleviating dehydration and fatigue. Indian cricketer Ruturaj Gaikwad joins as the brand ambassador for Electro+.

Electro+ delivers efficient cellular hydration and replenishes essential electrolytes to combat weariness. The low sugar option caters to health-conscious consumers, offering a refreshing beverage without added sugars.

This launch coincides with Amrutanjan's collaboration with Ruturaj Gaikwad, aligning with Electro+'s emphasis on health and vitality. Ruturaj's dedication to peak performance mirrors Electro+'s core values, encouraging consumers to prioritize hydration and electrolyte balance for overall well-being.

The new TV commercial showcases Electro+'s role in combating dehydration and fatigue during intense physical activity. Ruturaj Gaikwad's endorsement highlights its efficacy in replenishing energy levels and restoring vitality.

Electro+ is now available in regular and low sugar variants, providing consumers with a refreshing beverage option to combat fatigue and replenish energy levels.


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