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Urban Company's ad requests dignity of labour for female massage professionals

Urban Company, partnered with Talented, aims to spark conversations about the dignity of labor for its professionals. In 2023, they initiated dialogue to bridge the respect gap between ‘blue-collar’ and ‘white-collar’ workers with their film, “Chhota Kaam.” This Women’s Day, they tackled dignity of labor for women professionals, particularly in the Spa category. The film portrays a young masseuse confronting the stigma of her profession, first within herself and then within her family.

Returning home, the protagonist finds her brother upset after being ridiculed for her profession. She challenges this bias, shedding light on the systemic stigma behind it.

Mainstream media often portrays massages with secrecy and servitude, tinged with suggestive undertones. Though a masseuse is a relaxation expert, the media overlooks her skill. Conversely, physiotherapists are portrayed differently. The UC Spa Professional aims to establish equity for masseuses and working women whose expertise often goes unnoticed.

Traditionally, Women’s Day ads depict an imperfect world where women face injustices, followed by an empowered woman overcoming them. However, this narrative is unsustainable. It's vital to raise not only strong women but also supportive male allies to empower women, preventing future ads depicting empowered but unsupported women fighting for equality.


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