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Battle between Amazon and Microsoft for India


Amazon and Microsoft are two big names in the Digital market and they have locked in a tussle for the fast-growing cloud-services market in India.

According to Last week's news, Bharti Airtel announced it was signing a strategic partnership with Amazon to deliver cloud computing solutions to enterprises, with the help of Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite.

This partnership deal is done a year after Reliance Jio entered into a similar arrangement with Microsoft, to provide its clients cloud solutions enabled by Microsoft’s Azure.

Cloud services Leaders are present in India. Each has now also started working with the two leaders in Indian telecom, making India the latest battleground between the two American technology.

India’s blooming cloud-computing market expected to be worth $8 billion by 2023, as estimated from the Boston Consulting Group.

Amazon being an early one in the cloud space, Microsoft has been a late bloomer. Microsoft is catching and covering up with quite innovative Indian strategy. In addition to its comprehensive partnership with Reliance Jio, Microsoft has also been picking up equity stakes in internet firms such as Flipkart.

AWS is still the market leader in India, both Azure and AWS are growing with a  phenomenal  leaps quarter after quarter.It’s time to sit and watch this great battle of cloud service. 2.5 quintillion bytes (18 zeroes) of information are generated every day, cloud-computing capabilities provide a digital backbone to large and small enterprises.


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