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Chimp & Z assigned for handling Digital Mandate for Tata Sky Binge


This brand new  Mandate is established for maintaining Tata Sky Binge brand’s content marketing, ORM, influencer outreach programs , media planning as well as buying, to ascertain its digital and social media presence for Tata Sky Binge.

Chimp&z has proposed to create a separate establishment for Tata Sky Binge on the digital platforms. Tata Sky's aggregator app platform is Tata Sky Binge. Building from its parent brand Tata Sky, a new launch plan is made to take Tata Sky Binge live on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. New plans have been developed to restructure Social Media Brand persona and mode of communication.

The chief communications officer, Tata Sky, Anurag Kumar said, “Chimp&z has been handling the social media portfolio of Tata Sky for four years now and their ideas and overall clarity about brand positioning has been impressive. Their lateral approach towards brand building for Tata Sky Binge and the concept presented thus convinced us of the partnership. With this shared vision and enthusiasm, we aim to up the game and heighten engagement for Tata Sky Binge.”

Tata Sky is a household name in India & supported by its loyal customers. It’s time to see how well does Tata Sky Binge does in the digital ecosystem


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