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L’Oréal to Launch More Premium Hair Care Products

L’Oréal India’s professional products division is planning to launch some brands in India, said Omar Hajeri, president, of the L’Oréal professional products division, which sells popular brands such as Matrix, L’Oréal Professional, and Kerastase in the country. The decision was made as a result of the high demand for its specialized and high-end products both at home and in salons.

Nine brands are operated by the company's professional products segment globally, which generates sales of €3.8 billion and includes categories like hair coloring, hair treatments, and hair care. The majority of these products are offered through salons, however, they are also sold online.

According to Hajeri, the brands will be introduced over the next months as the company works to establish its whole line of professional products in the nation in order to take advantage of the rising number of rich consumers. The business will keep reaching out to organized salon markets where its products, like Matrix, are used, in order to grow its retail business.

“We will complete our international portfolio in India with new international brands in the years to come. There is a strong appetite for premium hair care. When it comes to curling and highlighting categories, we have some brands across the world that are also a stylish proposition for the Indian consumer and we are going to bring them to India in the next few years," said Hajeri.

The desire for international trends has increased locally in India thanks to consumer awareness of them and their exposure to social media. The professional products division, the smallest in the world for L'Oréal, contributed 11.7% to the overall group revenues in 2021. Additionally, the company offers items for skincare, makeup, fragrances, and hair care.


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