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Parle-G focuses on Emotional Intelligence as the crux of its latest ad campaign

One of the most loved biscuit brands of India, Parle-G launches its new ad campaign #GManeGenius with three video advertisements. These video films have touched on the essence of emotional intelligence specially among kids.


The #GManeGenius campaign has an inspiring tone that touched the hearts of people, saying, “Jo auron ki khushi me paaye apni khushi” as its central message for the videos.


Over the years, Parle-G as a brand has always paid attention to promoting good deeds in people. An example of this is the distribution of 3 crore packs of biscuits to the needy and destitute people in 2020. The current campaign also reflects the brand persona of depicting these core values of finding happiness by helping other people.


The video advertisement by Parle-G has been made to start conversations on being a genius beyond cognitive intelligence.


Parle Products Senior Category Head, Mayank Shah said about the campaign, “We are excited to launch such a valuable campaign which is close to our beliefs for the Parle-G biscuits brand. The message – “In the joy of others, lies our own”, is the overall theme of the ads that showcase qualities like empathy and kindness, which is much-needed in the world that we live in today.


Emotional intelligence is not talked about or recognized in our early years that strengthens our character with self and social awareness. There is a need to walk that extra mile to support and make people happy. I hope that these films inspire and connect with our loyal customers and their strong association with Parle-G.”


The campaign has been conceptualized by the agency Thought Blurb and emphasizes the sensitivity of children to situations, people, and their surroundings. The ad films are currently available on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook as well as on television. It is a good initiative that brands are taking today to normalize the emotional and mental states of human lives beyond the commercial aspects.


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