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Tea Culture of The World (TCW) associates with Lakm? Fashion Week

Tea Culture of The World (TCW), known for its refined teas, partners with Lakm? Fashion Week X FDCI, blending luxury and sophistication from March 13th to 17th, 2024. Attendees will be captivated by TCW's exquisite teas.

In this collaboration, TCW unveils an experiential booth with a diverse range of teas sourced meticulously from global tea gardens, celebrating the rich diversity of global tea culture.

A highlight is the selection of Chola for representation, with its thematic representation of Japanese culture complementing TCW's matcha tea range. Originating as a longevity elixir, matcha has evolved into a cherished ceremonial beverage embodying the philosophy of Ichigo Ichie.

The association with Chola merges haute couture and tea culture, promising a transcendent sensory journey for fashion enthusiasts and tea lovers alike.

This collaboration aims to redefine fashion, paying homage to tea culture's rich tapestry with a playful spirit. TCW's presence at Lakm? Fashion Week X FDCI signifies the convergence of fashion and sophistication, where style intertwines with taste


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