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Diverting Traditional Route of Digital Marketing


To get to the top of the ladder you need opportunities to grow however it is not an easy task. Methods of progressing are different with different inputs and outputs but the question does arise .The question is whether trying something new will yield much better results. The question is does diverting from traditional routes help. According to Tom Schofield, Creative Director at the digital Agency Engage there are 4 Key points to level up in the Digital Marketing Career ladder.

1)   Talent counts:-According to him no higher level of education can guarantee a successful career in marketing. It’s the portfolio and personality which is crucial for securing a career. Experiences and internships will enhance your Marketing skill set along with marketing tools as well as how you can enjoy work in diverse sectors.

2)   Taking Initiatives: -A vital for all to enhance your carrier. Taking initiatives depicts your thought process about your job.  Understand the role that you want to achieve and do everything you can to get there without being asked. Self-initiated projects depict your resourcefulness.

3)   Domestic work comes first:- Diverse experience can be acquired  by in-house work  . Working domestically gives you more insights on your experience and skills, and focuses on one project at a time. The best chance of fully developing yourself and your skillset. Understanding what your client desires in your work.

4)   Understanding the business: The knowledge and understanding of how an agency and clients work is mandatory. Get the in-depth understanding of what your job role is. More than that what counts extra is how you can add some value to your company other than contributing through your role. This increases the opportunities available to move up the career ladder.

According to Tom Schofield –“There are lots of paths that can be taken to achieve success in marketing, however in my experience the development of knowledge and experience through less traditional methods is a great way to stand out and showcase your skills. You mustn’t however forget that the most important factor when aiming for promotions is enjoyment of the job. If you don’t love it, you won’t have the motivation needed to progress”


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