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Google launches its latest marketing campaign highlighting user privacy

With a series of videos highlighting the privacy of users, Google has come up with its recent ad campaign. Conceptualized by the advertising agency Lowe Lintas, this creative campaign showcases small business owners and entrepreneurs who use Google Tools to facilitate their day-to-day business.

The latest campaign focuses on how Google Tools keeps scams at bay and helps to avoid phishing attacks. The Tools also help to ensure privacy so that the businesses run smoothly. These ads showcase a restaurateur, an accountant and a travel agency owner who are advised by elders not to easily trust anyone blindly. Here, trust and being wary of strangers are the metaphor used for anonymous SMS, mails and phishing scams as shown in the ad series.

Further, the ads also show how Google Tools can be used by small businesses to execute their tasks and keep them secure and protected from any kind of online attacks and malware, phishing scams, etc.

The ad campaign has been launched after Google has introduced numerous global policy updates regarding product changes to Google accounts for children under 18 years across YouTube, search, location history, Play and Google Workspace for Education.


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