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Aer Media Group Launches Fluttr, a Technology Platform for Influencer Marketing

Fluttr is a technological platform for the influencer marketing sector that was introduced by Aer Media Group.

Budgets and ROI are two major problems that Fluttr, a highly automated and data-driven technology, will address for influencer marketing. Influencer content will become an end-of-the-funnel activity in addition to its existing function of generating awareness and consideration since it will link sponsored content to commerce.

Speaking on this new innovation, Atin Sharma, Founder &Ceo said, "Our vision is to create the largest creator economy ecosystem in India and Fluttr is our newest initiative in that direction. Our unique blend of marketing and technology expertise position us for market leadership as we witness this unprecedented boom in influencer marketing and the creator economy."

Additionally, Vinay Anand, Co-founder said, "We are built around the creators and influencers. With Fluttr, we aim to work with and empower not just the top-of-the-funnel creators but have a lot of focus on the macro and nano influencers. We believe that's how we can drive the growth of this ecosystem from the grassroots."


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