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ET Medialabs Awarded with Digital Mandate


Forest Essentials, the Skincare Care Ayurvedic brand has awarded its Digital Mandate to ET Medialabs. This award is received by the ET Medialabs for the Performance Marketing on different social Media like Facebook, Google,  Bing etc. Not only has ET Medialabs provided Off Page and On Page SEO for Forest Essentials. The expertise of ET Medialabs with SEO has increased the output for Forest Essentials. SEO is the key for every company’s success on digital platforms.  For this task ,2 Teams have been formed by ET Medialabs one for managing SEO ,other for Performance Marketing and affiliated Management.

Tara Antony, Senior Manager, digital marketing, Forest Essentials, added, "We are looking forward to our strategic tie-up with ET Medialabs for our Digital mandate. As a luxurious Ayurvedic brand we are particular about how the brand is represented and we believe that with their experience and expertise in digital marketing, ET Medialabs will be a suitable partner. We hope for a fruitful collaboration ahead."

To understand better, Digital Mandate is actually a payment service started by RBI and the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). It provides the underlying infrastructure for businesses to collect recurring payments in India and ET Medialabs is India’s leading agency for Digital Growth Advertising & Analytics.

Let’s wait and watch how this symbiotic relationship will help flourish the brand image.


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