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2021 Mobile Marketing Report shows how brands are thriving in the era of mobile phones

The pandemic led to the majority of people dependent on mobile phones and laptops while staying at home. This opened up a huge window for brands to leverage digital advertising in 2020.

Indians have reportedly spent on entertainment apps grew by over 22%, resulting in a growth of about 47% in OTT subscription and over 26% growth in revenue. The 2021 Mobile Marketing. Handbook: Marketing in the Era of Mobile

Some of the major trends witnessed amongst Indian consumers using mobile phones are that India has become the leading mobile-first economy with an estimated 734 million users by the end of 2020, with an annual increase in userbase by 29%. It is also interesting to know that 1.6 Tn hours have been spent on mobile by the average user in 2020.

Not only this, but the mobile gaming scenario in India has also increased by manifold. Indians count to 1 of 10 top gamers across the world. Very soon, India will become one of the leading gaming markets in the Asia Pacific Market. This will open up more opportunities for gaming tech brands to gain a wider market share.

Even short video content had also gained widespread popularity in recent years. Platforms like TikTok and the Reels feature of Instagram, apart from indigenous apps like Chingari, Roposo, etc. have increased their user base around 2020.

According to a survey conducted using InMobi Pulse, 63% of respondents claim to use their mobile to learn about and discover new products, 77% to research and explore, and 62% to make purchases.

Mobile Marketing Maturity (3M) is the new barometer for digital marketing maturity in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia has seen a huge increase in app downloads in 2020 which accounted for 11% of global app downloads (in Q3 2020) with users relying on smartphones for everything including daily essentials, communication, entertainment, and shopping. The time spent on smartphones significantly increased by 30% during the lockdown when compared to the pre-lockdown period and 94% of new digital consumers intend to continue using digital services post the pandemic.

Now, brands are putting in their best efforts to blend the digital and physical worlds. Even in the digital world, the content for the web and mobile are eventually converging. Thus, the consumer journey is witnessing a change where brads are strategically planning to move to more mobile- focused content for the users.


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