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TCS embraces its Contribution to Digital Media


A corporate brand campaign has been launched by TCS depicting the contributory stories of TCS toward India's Digital Journey. The campaign speaks about transforming the nation in out and about approach towards the Digital world.  The hard surface that had been provided by the company in his own way is remarking.

Cheil India is the official Partners of TCS for this project. The popular hashtag, #TCSPartOfYourStory has been used, encompassing the best stories from India. The campaign entitles the effect of TCS support in various sectors including financial services, public services, and pharma, to logistics and supply chain networks.

Campaign consists of a series of episodes and every episode embarking a different story. With captivating narration of progressive and innovative India, starry eyed benefits portrayed  the technology boom that has transformed the nation and her people. TCS is the second largest Indian company by market capitalization. Its services are now placed among the most valuable IT services brands all over the world. TCS partnered with the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics with designing the central control system for the world's largest radio telescopes called Square Kilometer Array.

 According to Rajashree R, chief marketing officer, TCS, “TCS has always been at the forefront of digitizing and globalizing India. #TCSPartOfYourStory campaign is about how TCS has been empowering people in all walks of life in the new Digital India.”

The target audience for the campaign is vast. Those dynamism  showcased  magnifies the exemplary use of technology, and all this to transform citizen services, enhance inclusivity and reduce inequality in society.


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