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Spinny organises Chess mates event at Spinny Park, Bengaluru

In collaboration with the Bangalore Chess Club and, Spinny, a full-stack used car retailer, recently hosted Checkmate Park, an exhilarating chess event at Spinny Park in Bengaluru. Against the backdrop of 1000+ cars and a serene lake view, the event offered an unforgettable chess tournament.

Supported by renowned chess hubs, the event attracted approximately 100 participants of all skill levels, fostering a sense of community among Bengaluru's chess enthusiasts. Participants showcased their tactical prowess across various age groups, leaving with fond memories of challenging matches and new connections.

Spread across 5 acres, Spinny Park boasts a diverse collection of over 1000 Spinny Assured cars and Spinny Max pre-owned luxury vehicles. The hub features in-venue test-drive zones, interactive dashboards, customer lounges, and community areas.

With over 55 car hubs nationwide and a parking capacity of nearly 10,000 cars, Spinny operates six hubs in Bangalore, accommodating 1200 cars. The addition of Spinny Park Bengaluru will increase the city's total capacity to 2200 cars, enhancing Spinny's accessibility and presence in the region.


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