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Luxury beauty brand Sephora ranks first in Retail Personalization Index

Sailthru, a personalized marketing automation technology provider launched its fourth annual Retail Personalization Index. Sephora scored the highest ranking in this index and the next brand to follow was Thrive Market followed by Best Buy. This index considered 100 retail brands which are giving their consumers a top-notch cross-channel experience.

The Retail Personalization Index gives an overall analysis of the omnichannel capabilities of top retailers and focuses on how the retail brands have thrived during the new era of commerce which has been shaped during the pandemic. The report had been prepared after conducting polls with over 1500 consumers on cross channel customer experiences across the US and the UK.

Sephora proved its consistency by sticking to the top rank for the third year in a row.

The global beauty retailer is renowned for its pioneering approach to digital, as well as its stellar in-store experiences and service delivery.

Moreover, the loyalty program of Sephora is one of the best in the global market with deep personalization to the in-store experience and digital channels. Its mobile app combines innovative tech like augmented reality (AR) and personalized, in-app messaging that aligns your site, mobile, and email content to the consumer’s behavior. The app even greets you with “Good evening, Monica,” and changes its info display dynamically when you open the app later.


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