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Amazon Introduces an Array of Cloud and Supply-Chain Services Using its Retail Expertise

On Tuesday, Inc announced software drawing on its retail expertise in an attempt to increase sales to businesses and remain the leading cloud-computing provider ahead of Microsoft Corp and Alphabet Inc's Google.

Amazon's cloud division announced a programme called AWS Supply Chain to inform businesses when inventories are low and assist them to handle supply difficulties that were persistent during the pandemic, drawing on insights acquired from years of delivering online shopping to customers' doorsteps. The cloud division also demonstrated AWS Clean Rooms at its yearly conference in Las Vegas, which among other applications enables firms to customize adverts to customers while respecting their privacy. In recent years, Amazon has grown its own significant advertising company.

The offerings are a part of Amazon's long-standing plan to create features for its e-commerce division and then make them available to other businesses. Amazon's cloud has also seen a decline in sales as a result of brick-and-mortar stores' reluctance to work with a company that competes with them online.

Amazon Omics for genomic analysis and Amazon Security Lake, which aids businesses in compiling data from cybersecurity suppliers and other sources, are two further new services that were unveiled.


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