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FILA launches Hailey Bieber Collection and Campaign in India

Hailey Bieber is the face of FILA's latest global campaign, showcasing her personal style alongside the brand's classic designs. Shot by Renell Medrano and styled by Hailey and Dani Michelle, the campaign features Hailey sporting various archival and staple FILA pieces such as crewneck sweatshirts, oversized utility pants, and puffer jackets paired with bucket hats and FILA footwear. The photos reflect the 90s aesthetic, with Hailey adding her modern interpretation to the brand's classics. FILA has always embraced individuality and taking risks in design, and Hailey's bold fashion choices make her a natural fit for the campaign. As an entrepreneur and fashion icon for this generation, Hailey's authenticity and originality shine through in her expression of personal style. FILA is excited to collaborate with her on this new campaign. The campaign has recently been launched in India.


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