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Puma's eccentric advertising generates significant buzz for its Black Friday Sale

Recently, the sportswear company Puma India debuted its wacky Black Friday Sale ad. The company hired copycats of its prominent brand ambassadors, set up fictitious pop-ups with altered branding outside a few of its original stores, and even gave its official website,, a fake cyber-hacked look.

PUMA also placed doppelgängers of Virat Kohli, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sunil Chhetri, and Yuvraj Singh at specific stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Gurugram, respectively, as part of an immersive campaign to pique consumers' interest. This action was taken as part of an effort to illustrate that, despite the fact that everything may be faked, this Black Friday's deals are as genuine as they come.

The celebrities impersonators took over the stores, and Virat Kohli, the star brand ambassador for PUMA, announced the sale event on his social media accounts. As part of the commercial activity, the brand's own digital platform,, also featured a cyber-hacked appearance, heightening the suspense.

Consumers were intrigued, enthralled, and excited by the video post that ambassadors Yuvraj Singh, Kareena Kapoor, and Sunil Chhetri uploaded on their social media accounts.

Puma then announced the Black Friday Sale and urged customers to purchase the company's high-end goods at prices that were too good to be true. The event intimately engaged with its consumers piqued their attention and indulged them with offers in a creative manner to advertise the sale.

Puma also debuted a digital short as part of the campaign, in which six well-known influencers—Sakshi Sindwani, Agasthya Shah, Srishti Dixit, DevishiMadaan, Viren Barman, and Dhruv Barman—vandalize a made-up store. The 45-second movie had about 20 additional actors as well.

The Black Friday event, an innovative and captivating promotion, attracted an array of brand devotees to its stores and internet platform, making the campaign a huge success.


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