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Brooke Bond Red Label unveils #Swadapnepanka campaign on inclusivity.

Brooke Bond Red Label introduces a fresh perspective in their #SwadApnepanKa campaign, emphasizing inclusivity and the meaningful lessons on togetherness gleaned from the differently-abled community. The campaign underscores the importance of learning from the acceptance and empathy demonstrated by individuals with disabilities, fostering genuine connections. The brand film unfolds in a local train compartment, showcasing an elderly woman and a visually impaired man. Another passenger, initially viewed with suspicion, breaks the tension by offering tea to both. Despite hesitation, the aroma leads to a moment of trust as the visually impaired man accepts, explaining his reliance on smell. This prompts the elderly woman to rethink her prejudices. The film concludes with the trio bonding over tea, transcending their differences. Brooke Bond Red Label tea has long symbolized unity, regardless of backgrounds or abilities, and the campaign reflects this ethos, challenging stereotypes with an authentic portrayal of individuals with disabilities.


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