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Pitchfork associates to strategize for Ram and Equinox Films

Ram Madhvani Films, known for acclaimed works like "Neerja" and "Aarya," has enlisted Mumbai-based agency Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting as its communication partner. This partnership extends to Equinox Films and Equinox Virtual, the latter being their gaming vertical, known for iconic ads like the "Humara Bajaj" anthem and "Happydent White."

Pitchfork Partners will oversee corporate communications for these verticals, aiming to boost brand awareness and market engagement. With a proven track record, Pitchfork Partners brings valuable expertise to support the expansion of Ram Madhvani Films, Equinox Films, and Equinox Virtual in the media, entertainment, advertising, and gaming sectors.

Their strategic insights will enhance brand narratives and audience engagement. This collaboration reflects the commitment of both Ram Madhvani Films and Equinox Films to elevate their communication efforts and strengthen their position as leaders in Indian cinema, advertising, and gaming within the dynamic entertainment landscape.


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