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The largest biscuit seller brand Parle Products joins hands with IBM for tech-driven growth

One of the largest biscuit selling brands in the world by volume and India’s homegrown brand, Parle Products has recently announced that they will be partnering with IBM to bring in more tech-oriented solutions in the company.

IBM Cloud will assist Parle to bring its products to the market quicker and more efficiently. They will leverage IBM’s hybrid cloud and AI technology to market at the right time and at the right place, disrupting the marketplace more so in times of the pandemic.

Ajay Chauhan, Executive Director, Parle Products remarked, "As the largest biscuit brand provider in India, our priority is meeting the growing demands of Indian consumers. By working with IBM to accelerate our journey to the cloud and strengthen our security posture, we will work to uncover new ways to reduce time-to-market and streamline operations – a significant milestone for us."

"The global pandemic has demanded businesses to become digital overnight and quickly adjust to life in a virtual world. Every industry has had to accelerate its transformation and is turning to the cloud to enable that. "Parle quickly shifted its approach, by embracing a hybrid cloud strategy with IBM to leverage our cloud capabilities and deep industry expertise, with security at the forefront of their advancement. By implementing cloud and AI, Parle is able to bring their products seamlessly to millions of homes in India, despite the current challenging times, said Howard Boville, Head of IBM Hybrid Cloud Platform.

This will also be a boon for Parle’s supply chain migrating to IBM’s intelligent AI-driven supply chain as the policies have mandated remote work for a majority of the employees. The tech- driven systems of IBM will make the process smoother for Parle resulting in higher productivity and more efficiency in the production systems.


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