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Godrej Group presents the #DilSeSalute campaign.

To celebrate India’s glorious spirit with zeal and patriotism, the Godrej Group, one of India’s trusted and leading business empires, released a film #DilSeSalute on the Nation’s 74th Republic Day.

Conceptualized and directed by The Godrej Group’s Corporate Brand and Communications unit along with Creativeland Asia, the film delivers an ode to the amalgamation of various milestones and glorious moments that have played an influential role in India’s development and progress. The campaign video, supported by stirring visuals and zealous poetry, aims to engage audiences with resounding reminders of the country’s achievements.

In the newly released campaign film, children come together and celebrate all the things and accomplishments they love about the Nation by doing #DilSeSalute. And they invite all the people of India to join.

The Godrej Group intends to work diligently towards nation-building for over 125 years. Its campaign film #DilSeSalute is also a heartfelt gratitude to the Nation.


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