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Decathlon India's New Campaign, 'Play Your Own Way' , Inspires Women in Sports

Decathlon India is launching the 2.0 version of its 'Play Your Own Way' campaign to coincide with International Women's Day, promoting inclusivity and empowerment for women of all backgrounds. This initiative celebrates each woman's unique journey toward a healthier lifestyle, whether through embracing a new sport or setting fitness goals.

Through dynamic events and activities, Decathlon India aims to inspire 50,000 women nationwide. Citywide events like Women's Day runs and exclusive sessions for cycling, fitness, Zumba, and badminton are planned in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi. Interactive challenges will also be held in major stores.

The campaign comes to life in a Decathlon video featuring women defying stereotypes through sports, emphasizing that sports are about celebrating individual journeys. Testimonials from Decathlon's women teammates across India highlight the brand's belief in internal change.

Decathlon offers diverse products, including swimwear for all body types and versatile cardio athleisure wear, fostering inclusivity and excellence in women's sports. This campaign aims to challenge norms, dismantle barriers, and create an inclusive environment where women feel empowered to define their paths to success.


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