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Ad campaign featuring the journey of a transwoman by Kerala-based Bhima Jewellers wins people’s hearts

People across the internet have applauded an advertisement campaign, launched by a Kerala based jewellery brand, Bhima Jewellers.

The video ad campaign originally uploaded on Youtube features the journey of transformation of a grumpy young boy coming out of his closet to become a graceful woman. This ad was conceptualized by Delhi-based creative advertising agency, Animal and stars a transperson and activist Meera Singhania. Bhima Jewellers, based in Koshi is a 96-year old jewellery brand that has come up with their “Pure as Love” ad campaign.

This ad campaign was strategically launched on Vishu, the first day of the Malayali month of Medam and signifies new beginnings. Thus, even the advertising industry witnessed the inclusivity of the LGBTQ community as a new beginning and acceptance of diverse communities in the country.

Beautiful, as it has been conceptualized, the Pure as Love ad campaign shows the life of the transwoman from childhood days over adulthood and how every member of the family cherishes the decisions with pure love. Over the years, she receives jewellery from her parents as well as grandparents, being a loved member of the family and celebrating milestones with gold jewellery.

While most of the common jewellery brands have always been about celebrating femininity, this ad campaign by Bhima Jewellers has actually given a new dimension to the Indian community to celebrate and accept the inclusivity of gender and personal choice.


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