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OLX Autos presents its fourth 'OLXtraaa' campaign film.

OLX Autos, an Indian market leader in the pre-owned automobile segment, boosted their "OLXtraaa" brand campaign with a fourth ad film. The OLXtraaa campaign urges sellers to sell their cars on OLX Autos to get the best price for their vehicles with a memorable experience.

Conceptualized around the idea that 'every customer likes extra', the campaign, created by Lowe Lintas, highlights the 'extraaa' benefits offered to their customers by OLX Autos.

The film portrays two neighbours working out at the gym and striking a deal for their car when Sharman Joshi suddenly appears on a moving treadmill and offers that 'OLXtraaa' price to the customer. The 'OLXtraaa' price for the car is substantially higher, which the seller could not resist.

Sharman Joshi, dressed as an OLX Autos representative, accentuates the humour in the films, entering each film in a completely unpredictable manner. This quirkiness and upbeat music have been used as cues to elevate the comical situations further.


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