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Digital Marketers are sorted in this Covid Season!


The online marketers are making use of the Covid season, using Covid 19 as the keyword to promote their brands, focusing on the concerns of the consumers who are looking for useful tips as the protection against the disease.


Spreading of Coronavirus is the most searched topic on Google, which led to many searches as tips to protect against the disease. Therefore, smart positioning ads and keywords optimization are helping the marketers to promote their products on the ecommerce websites as such that customers looking for remedies can view the product image right on top. However, virus related marketing has been barred from online platforms that make false promises.

The marketers are trying to cover as many as keywords in order to gain the online traffic from the search engine.


SundarPichai, CEO Alphabet Inc. said that Google had banned temporarily all the promotional ads for masks, medical masks and respirators also blocking ads related to coronavirus.Ecom giants Amazon, Ebay also stated that they have removed all the products related to virus, which makes false promises on fighting with virus.


Hari Krishnan, Senior Manager, SEO at said that the companies are using the brick and mortar to target the customers, also he said the articles related to Covid 19 is mainly  to target its customers.


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