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Instagram Reels is the new Tik Tok


Immensely popular app -Tik Tok got banned with all other 58 Chinese apps by the Indian government a few weeks back. Now after India, the U.S is also planning to do the same. The space between the users, content creator & business needs to be filled by new substitutes. According to reports of Influencer Marketing Outlook Report 2020, TikTok was in search of 1 of every 2 influencers during lockdown. TikTok provided an account to demand short video format; every other person was content creator. Those global players needed & moved to new platforms like Instagram’s Reel, YouTube Shorts etc.

Taking it as a big opportunity, all the other apps are trying to capture these nomads of social platforms. TikTok was also a way to earn bread & butter for many content creators. Strategy of these new competitors involves attracting them through rewards and cash payments. Influencers also know that building a market will require time. Instagram is turning out to be the 1st choice of these nomads, as it was already popular for short video sharing apps.

Compared to rivals, Instagram has a broader category and older audience which wanders for daily content on the app. Reels of Instagram is designed for daily content consumption for Gen Z Tiktok audiences. New marketing strategies will be developed for this shift of content creators in such a huge mass. YAAP’s report states that Instagram story ads have positively grown and app downloads as per 75.9% and 73.2% of the 750+ influencers respectively from across 22 states. The pros and cons and new objectives need to be finalized by both content creators and company along with developments and flexibility while Instagram Reels stands out as the winner of the 1st Round. 


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