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RedCliff Labs appoints Gautam Gambhir as brand ambassador

India's leading diagnostic service provider, Redcliff Labs, reportedly appointed cricketer Gautam Gambhir as its brand ambassador.

As part of the alliance, Gambhir will support and promote the high-quality diagnostic services of Redcliffe Labs across India. Gambhir, a well-known and respectable figure in the Indian cricketing fraternity, brings his credibility, understanding, and popularity to the table, making him a perfect fit for Redcliffe Labs. Gambhir's on-field energy, passion, commitment, and love for cricket resonate with Redcliffe's being a true disruptor in taking quality diagnostics to the real Bharat through home collection sample pickup, collection centre walk-ins and more than seven thousand on-ground camps every month. Like Gambhir, who offered his heart and soul to Indian cricket, Redcliffe aims to revolutionize the Indian diagnostics sector with full thrust and vitality, thus making it the most dependable, affordable, and accessible lab.

Per the partnership, Gambhir will also feature in digital, print, and social media marketing and advertising campaigns for Redcliffe Labs.


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