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Outdoor ads (OOH) goes beyond the land now, Mumbai-based agency taps advertising on the sea

With advertising platforms witnessing innovations, a Mumbai-based media agency, Zen Digital Media has pioneered a new platform for out-of-home advertising (OOH). They have taken to the Mumbai coastline at prominent areas like Mumbai-Bandra Sealink for putting up digital advertisements for brands.

Sanjay Raval, the co-founder of Zen Digital Media said, “India has a massive coastline with important cities. However, we are not limiting ourselves to the coasts. There are several river systems in India too where Broadcoasters (as the initiative is named) will thrive. While outdoor billboards on the mainland continue to be a part of the advertising mix, Broadcoasters will help brands separate themselves from the crowd.”

This new wave of putting up digital screens on water has started off with Mumbai and they plan to expand this experimental way to Goa and other coastal places as well. The LED display screens will give a differential advantage to brands and the audience will enjoy a fresh perspective to viewing ad media.

For visibility during the daytime, LED display screens have been designed to give HD output and have auto-illumination sensors to adjust according to the external environmental conditions. Moreover, the new age technology deployed allows the screens to be bright enough for clear visibility even on the brightest of days.

This ad form has been appreciated by the maritime board too and they decided to introduce a new policy for the first time in India to support this endeavor.


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