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Hyundai Motor India Releases its Brand Campaign Beyond Mobility 2.0

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) recently released its new campaign ‘Beyond Mobility 2.0’. Beyond Mobility 2.0 is based on Hyundai's Global Vision of "Progress for Humanity" and aims to lead the way in the development of shared, networked, and environmentally friendly vehicles.

The campaign's director, Tarun Garg, of Hyundai Motor India Ltd., commented on it, saying, "True to our vision “Progress for Humanity”, our future mobility solutions are guided by our commitment to creating a better society for all. Our latest brand campaign – Beyond Mobility 2.0 is a preview of Hyundai’s vision to transform the future mobility landscape into an advanced and sustainable habitat. This vision for the future lays emphasis on synergies created out of partnerships and collaborations that will help us elevate customer experiences and provide smart mobility solutions to everyone. In the coming era, we anticipate robots to act as enablers, while also adding a new dimension of capability and companionship for humanity. Our strategic interventions are helping usher in a new dawn of mobility and can be witnessed through innovations in the realms of robotics, Urban Air Mobility, Purpose Build Vehicle hubs (PBV), V2L (Vehicle to Load) and Flexible space.”

Beyond Mobility 2.0 is built on the following pillars and will represent the company's capacity to exceed in all facets of consumers' smart mobility experiences:

Intelligent technology - humanity's transition to a smart future.
At Hyundai, we are creating technologies that give customers high-quality experiences and increasing the value we provide by partnering with them on their mobility journey. Hyundai SmartSense level 2 ADAS, which transforms your driving experience into one that is convenient and stress-free and provides the highest level of safety for you and your loved ones, or the soon-to-be-released Hyundai IONIQ 5, are both essential examples of our future vision, which is propelled by strong innovation and intelligent technologies.The Hyundai IONIQ 5 was created on the specialised BEV platform E-GMP (Electric Global Modular Platform), which is packed with cutting-edge technology and was created with the future mobility demands of customers in mind. E-GMP will serve as the foundation for smart mobility solutions of the future, focusing on modularity, performance, excellent dependability, and optimal use. E-GMP has intelligent technology at its core.

Making the earth more sustainable will make it better tomorrow.

Sustainability is the secret to a better and more promising future. Hyundai is still working to develop sustainable solutions that will benefit humanity while also fostering the ecosystem's vital balance. An excellent example of eco-friendly manufacturing with self-sustaining resources is the HMI manufacturing facility in Sriperumbudur, Chennai. The plant will soon be able to meet all of its energy needs on its own thanks to the installation of a 10 MW solar power plant and the use of 3 35 000 tonnes of rainwater gathering ponds. A rich ecological ecosphere exists at our plant. By the year 2025, we also hope to have achieved the RE100 target.

Through programmes like the Dry Wash program, the use of LED lights, and the exploitation of renewable energy, we are bringing our environmental initiatives outside of the factory and into our dealer network.

Innovation: reorienting how we think about mobility

With smart and practical technology like Vehicle to Load (V2L), a function available on the Hyundai IONIQ 5, customers can use and charge electric items while on the go, Hyundai has been at the forefront of innovation in the mobility sector. While everyone is talking about electric mobility, we've upped the ante with the Vehicle-to-load capability, which will only be offered with the future IONIQ 5 BEV, a distinctly clean and green form of transportation. With substantial advancements in robotics, we are now able to produce robots that are prepared for the future and are entering our homes, workplaces, and factories as companions that can assist us in accomplishing far more than we can on our own. We are already anticipating a time when highly developed robotics will raise the bar for our existing mobility offerings. Spot® is a quadruped walking robot with unparalleled mobility that enables you to automate regular inspection operations and often, safely, and precisely collect data. Therefore, for Hyundai and the rest of the world, people and robots can create endless opportunities for rewriting the current norms of mobility.

The "Beyond Mobility 2.0" campaign aims to highlight Hyundai's commitment to cutting-edge breakthroughs, sustainable projects, and intelligent technologies that are laying the groundwork for tomorrow's prosperous world.


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