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“Itna Aasan Hai” with Amazon


American Multinational Technology Company, Amazon provides services in E commerce, Cloud Computing, Digital Streaming as well as Artificial Intelligence. It is in the cluster of Big four companies along with Facebook, Google and Apple.

In India, Amazon started to hold its grip from February 2012, with it’s Basically the site provided customers to compare prices of various items. Amazon transformed Indian's Market since then.  Half million sellers, 1,30,000 women entrepreneur , 50,000 neighborhood stores with 170 million products on list ensembles larger then imagination store of Amazon .

Recently , a new marketing Campaign “Itna Aasan hai” has been launched by Amazon India. This Campaign delineate that how much it is effortless and uncomplicated for small business to shift online from offline with Amazon.  The intent is clear to portray the hurdles process to move your store online with this provided platform. The concept for existing and prospective sellers is made easily recognizable by adding nursery rhymes to the ads-campaign. Amazon always pushes growth to small business says Amit Agrawal, Amazon India Company Manager . Less paperwork, Less barriers, ease to sell is the key concept of Amazon in this ad Campaign.


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