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Times Network Reviving Indian Economy


India Revival Mission (IRM) is the new campaign launched by Times Network in the sight of helping the vanquished Indian economy. It’s a grand campaign projected to make determining strategies with policies to reboot, reload and re launch the economy. A major step towards the Indian market to relocate and grow Indian economy. Global visionaries, key policymakers, influencers and corporate leaders have provided their visions by taking initiatives.

Calling themselves as India’s Influencers, M K Anand, MD & CEO said about India Revival Mission (IRM) that they are committed to campaigning in this critical situation faced by not only India but the whole world. Adjusting our lives and moving with the world. Speeding the parts of the economy that have been stagnant for months. Encouraging small businesses to revive from the economic impact is the major concern. 

As the pandemic has created unprecedented impact on Business, Nirmala Sitharaman, Finance Minister said, “I want to assure through you to all businesses please go ahead approaching the banks. Take the loans. Please have the money in your hand to restart the business.”

Network news channels that are along the Campaign are ET NOW, TIMES NOW, TIMES NOW WORLD, Mirror NOW along with all its digit assets. Special primetime discussions and shows will be conducted with some of the world’s leading minds.

Impact of Global pandemic is covered by Times Network, Business Perception Survey along with its Knowledge partners Institute of Competitiveness. It will help generate a comprehensive blueprint. Benefits can be counted by strategically implanting Long Term Health of businesses and the economy.This Campaign is organized in partnership with YONO SBI, co powered by LIC & PNB. 


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