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Thomas Cook India Introduces New Brand Identity

Thomas Cook (India) Limited - India’s leading omnichannel travel services company has revealed their new logo inspired by the company's dynamic environment, fresh vigour, and excitement in this new travel era.

The travel industry has suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic, but Thomas Cook India has shown tremendous inventiveness and agility in reviving and restructuring its companies. The downtime also allowed the business to accelerate its focus on digital-first, with the result that the average age of its holiday clients significantly decreased by roughly ten years. India has the youngest population in the world, and its digital economy has experienced substantial growth, with e-commerce and digital discovery both accelerating.

Thomas Cook India offers a strong omnichannel network that gives customers the flexibility to choose their chosen method of communication, whether it be through a holiday app, a virtual store, a website, a call centre, or a wide-ranging retail network across India.

The dynamic new logo provides a strong/impactful identity that is future proof and, most significantly, a digitally friendly look and feel to stay up with younger customers and a changing environment.

The need to have a more welcoming, informal, and open identity (lowercase letters as opposed to capital letters) was a major inspiration for the new logo. The brand's abbreviation, "TC," in the new logo represents it in a more youthful way while also upholding its position as an authority on travel and travel-related products. To demonstrate brand dependability, the "TC" name is positioned within "the circle of trust." This also produces a stronger, more noticeable, and more recognisable visual digital asset for platforms like websites, social media, app icons, etc. The logo's colours, which are blue for the sky and water and yellow for the sun and energy, are fantastic metaphors for the freedom, joy, and discovery of travel.While highlighting the Thomas Cook brand name, the logo also includes a graphic mnemonic to help with brand remember.

The dedication to developing unforgettable travel experiences and years of success in the travel business are reflected in Thomas Cook India's new visual identity.

In response to the pandemic's impact on the travel industry, Mr. Abraham Alapatt, President & Group Head - Marketing, Service Quality, Value Added Services & Innovation, Thomas Cook (India) and SOTC Travel, stated: "We are updating the well-known Thomas Cook logo with a stronger, more significant, digital-friendly identity.Our dynamic new logo affirms our continued dedication to providing our customers with unrivalled travel experiences and captures our fluid and dynamic personality as we transform continuously in line with the rapidly changing travel services industry.


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