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PNB Housing Finance Limited Unveils 'Achiev-Her' Series Empowering Women.

PNB Housing Finance, a leading housing finance firm in India, has introduced ‘Achiev-Her’, an initiative celebrating the achievements of its female staff. Through storytelling, it highlights women breaking barriers and leading change within the company. Launched as part of ‘Aikyam’, focused on Diversity, Empowerment, and Inclusion, it showcases the collective growth and success nurtured by PNB Housing Finance's supportive workplace culture. Aikyam reflects the company's commitment to creating an environment where every individual feels valued and empowered. The Achiev-Her series underscores PNB Housing Finance's dedication to diversity and inclusion, providing a platform to honour the remarkable achievements of its female employees. Each woman featured represents grit, resilience, and positivity, aiming to inspire others.


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