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  • Top 5 Reasons to Choose Public Relation as a Career

    Public relation is one of the most popular career paths people are choosing these days, there are so many reasons why it is one of the most popular careers, here are top 5 reasons why you should choose public relation as a career.

  • Stress And the Entrepreneur- Why All You Start-up Drivers Need to H.A.L.T.

    When you build something, be it a 'fusilli Jerry' or a start-up company, it requires determination. As the founder, you have a horde of responsibilities the weight of King Kong sitting on your head. The nature of entrepreneurship brings about changes in your demeanour that seem alien at first and with time, start taking over.

  • Why Offline Marketing Is Not to Be Forgotten Just Yet

    Digital is new. Everything from books to shops and from food to life has gone pixel. People familiarize with Twitter handles now and scarcely with phone numbers, email each other instead of writing

  • Promoting Your Brand New Blog The Smart Way

    So, you finally did it. After months of planning and placing, you released that blog, all new and full of crisp, thoroughly enjoyable pieces of your work. You are proud of it. And yet, you find no traffic attracted to your blog. Why you think. Allow me to tell you that publishing a new post, putting up a blog, and then keep providing more content is just the first step of a long ladder.

  • Public Relations- The bare truth

    The first thing that jumps the mind when somebody mentions PR is something a line of work specifically dwelling in publicity has to do with. While that isn't entirely wrong, it also isn't entirely true. Public Relations is a different kind of deal than just promotion and advertising.

  • Why People Based Marketing Can Run over Personalized Marketing

    Remember the time when marketing a product, a service or anything meant trying to get in touch with actual people through real conversations instead of from behind a screen, personalizing the whole experience from the point of leaving an impression? As the trend of optimizing processes to reach a larger audience gained momentum, success measuring parameters changed from...

  • Effective E-mail Marketing : The Art of Getting People to Act to Your E-mail Copies

    This morning, as I was in the process of eating my breakfast, a vibration startled me. There, sitting on the table beside my plate, my smartphone went alive. I looked at the automatically lit screen and I saw a newly received e-mail. The subject line read Why this guy is still totally poor. The curious sub-consciousness of mine woke up from her deep slumber and ordered

  • Why you should choose to get a career in the field of Digital Marketing

    The world changes. Every New Year brings something fresh. Every new decade stands witness to a new trend. Every new century observes the rise and fall of not just new concepts but entire lifetimes. This happens because humans can't resist curiosity. And because they can't resist it, it gets the best of them and hence results in something new, sometimes better, sometimes not so much.