Surveys Talk- Believable Reviews Help in Improving Businesses

The online review management company Feefo has come up with a startling revelation. 74% of shoppers in the UK agree that they are influenced by online reviews before they initiate a purchase.

The ratings and reviews you see alongside various products, services, events, etc. are incredibly helpful to people. They help instil confidence of the buyer in the product. They offer guidance, reveal information that only a person who has used the product or had the service can share. They help customers reach a decision. They help sellers create a good image in the market.

However, the online markets have recently encountered certain antics that lead to falsified reviews. Asking people to fill in online suggestion forms for places they've never been to, sending review requests for events that nobody even remembers attending, or paying verified buyers to leave positive reviews are all examples of stunts that leave the customer's confidence in online purchases beaten and moribund on the ground.

What Do the Stats Say?
The Feefo survey involved 2000 consumers. The results revealed that a mere 7% trust the online reviews utterly and blindly. Also, 74% of the lot turn to the said reviews to form an opinion about the product which ultimately impacts their final decision.
The survey also noticed a huge difference between the number of consumers who write a review and those who read them. Only 24% were found to be regular reviewers. Most of the buyers were only leaving a review at certain times.
Regarding the incentive to leave a rating and product assessment, 66% agreed to discounts or loyalty points as rewards while 58% agreed with writing reviews to inform others.
49% were okay with leaving feedback if asked for one. 47% called regular calls for feedback an unwanted distraction. 54% respondents considered a product suspicious if there were no negative reviews present.

How Will Reviewing Grow in the Coming Times?
Sharing experiences online is one of the roaring and raging trends at present. Honest reviews, be it critical or appreciative, will find their way out, if not on the product-hosting website then social media.
Offering incentives to leave a review may affect the quality of said feedback. However, customer evaluation records are brilliant tools to improve performance and fish for glitches in the overall service.